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The popularization of electric bicycles worldwide and the application of 3D printing

2023-07-19 17:01

3D printing technology is helping the booming electric bicycle industry.

At present, there are three key points for the development of electric bicycles:
1. Reduce battery costs;
2. Improve overall infrastructure and enhance cycling comfort;
3. Improving the safety of cyclists; This is not a simple task.

In order to improve the performance of electric bicycles, 3D printing technology has been applied to electric bicycles.
For example, accessories such as kettle holders, baskets, suitcases, and phone holders can be produced through 3D printing, providing customized services for users.

As an ancient mode of transportation, bicycles have returned to the global market with the support of electrification, such as in India where there are more and more electric bicycles.

In addition, takeout and express delivery have emerged in many Asian countries, and the demand for electric bicycles is also becoming increasingly strong.
This also poses new market demands for electric bicycle companies, requiring them to develop electric bicycles that meet local needs.
During the research and development process, 3D printing can undoubtedly play a positive role, such as quickly producing various prototypes and conducting design verification.