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What are the application areas of TPU?(3D printing materials)

2023-06-27 17:51

In recent years, the application prospects of TPU in the three major industries of new energy vehicles, biomedicine, and people's livelihood industry are very promising. Due to the environmentally friendly and sustainable characteristics of TPU, major brands continue to use TPU to research and develop related products. At present, TPU is mainly applied in the following fields:

1. Medical TPU
Good biocompatibility, blood compatibility, and the absence of various additives are important reasons for the application of TPU in the medical field.
2. TPU for automobiles
The current automotive industry is developing towards superior performance, low weight, comfort, and safety. Rubber plastic synthetic materials will gradually replace metal materials, which opens up extremely broad prospects for the application of TPU.

3. TPU for shoes
TPU material has the advantages of good cushioning performance, light weight, wear resistance, slip resistance, etc. It has become an important supporting material in the shoemaking industry. The soles, heels, toe caps, insoles and other important parts of many shoes, such as golf shoes, baseball shoes, Football boot, ski shoes, travel shoes, safety shoes, are made of polyurethane elastic system, which is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and durable, and can improve sports performance.
4. TPU for mining
Coal mines, metal and non-metallic mines have a high demand for non-metallic materials with high wear resistance, high strength, and elasticity. In the past decade, many coal plants have chosen to replace bulky metal sieve plates with polychlorinated ester elastic sieve plates, which not only greatly extends the service life of sieve plates, but also significantly reduces environmental noise during operation, resulting in significant energy-saving and consumption reduction effects.

5. TPU for construction
Ten years ago, only the national level official competition venues used TPU paving materials for the runways of sports fields. Now most provincial stadiums, colleges and universities, and even some primary and secondary schools have also paved TPU plastic runways. The Expansion joint of large bridges, airport runways, and the caulking of highways have also begun to be made of polyurethane elastomer cured at room temperature; Sleepers for high-speed railway are very ideal materials. The sleepers for tunnels and bridges through which Shinkansen Railway passes in Japan are made of TPU materials. This new application fully utilizes the characteristics of polyurethane, such as light elasticity, good shock absorption, and aging resistance, and has great promotion value.

The non-toxic and environmentally friendly performance of TPU is the reason for replacing PVC products, and its unique physical and chemical properties are beyond the reach of other polymer materials. TPU series products have become the preferred environmentally friendly materials for various industries in the new century.

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