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What are the differences between industrial grade 3D printers and desktop grade 3D printers?

2023-06-28 18:24

I believe we often hear these two words, industrial grade 3D printers and desktop grade 3D printers. Although they are all printers, they mainly focus on different fields. Today, let's briefly talk about their differences.


The scope of application is different
The application field of industrial grade 3D printers is relatively extensive, and they have their presence in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic products, etc. For example, some industrial grade 3D printers in certain enterprises have already been widely used, and their 3D printing headphones, dental products, etc. can be mass-produced.


Desktop level 3D printers are usually used to print smaller objects, and were used in industrial design, education, animation, archaeology, lighting and other industries in the past. Nowadays, many desktop level 3D printers have also been extended to the dental industry and applied in the digital production process of dentistry. As a part of the digital medical model, they assist in printing the required products.


In cases where dental products such as implant surgical guides and simulated gums are required for oral orthodontic treatment, doctors can rely on desktop level 3D printers to print the required dental products directly by the chair, which can greatly shorten the patient's medical time. As far as I know, some desktop level 3D printers can provide a better diagnosis and treatment experience for patients with immediate diagnosis and treatment, immediate implantation, and immediate repair within one hour.

The quantity of mass production varies
Desktop level 3D printers tend to be more personalized and highly customized, such as desktop level 3D printers used in dentistry, mainly for small-scale production and use near chairs. Industrial grade 3D printers are mostly used in industrial mass production. For example, when producing 3D printed earphones, using an industrial grade 3D printer can quickly print dozens of earphone shells with a sense of design and comfortable curvature. In terms of speed and high accuracy, it is generally better than traditional earphones.


From the above two aspects, there are still differences between industrial grade 3D printers and desktop grade 3D printers. Nowadays, industrial grade 3D printers have been applied in many industries and are suitable for mass production, while desktop grade 3D printers are more focused on personalized customization and small-scale production.