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PLA 3D printing filament , the beginners’best choice

2022-11-14 17:06

With the development of 3D technology, the home use FDM 3D printer is becoming as popular as phones and computers.

There are dozens of 3d printing filaments for different application in the market. We not only need to learn how to operate the 3D printer but also need to tell the difference of the printing materials as it matters the printing result.


But for the beginners, there is no doubt that PLA is the best choice. The reasons as below:

  1. PLA is a environmental friendly materials made from corn starch, no pollution and recyclable. Whats more there is no smell while printing. No harmless to the user and environment, so there is no need to prepare a room for your printer as the health problem.
  2. For the dozens of printing materials, like ABS, PA, TPU PEEK etc, the PLA is almost the cheapest one among them. As for the beginners, the failure printing is a common problem, so the affordable printing filament is important for them.
  3. PLA have a good performance even printing a large size object in high detail. We can print the PLA in open even without a heated bed, as it almost wont shrink like ABS.
  4. For the PLA filament, there are rich colors available, Black, Purple, Grey, White, Light blue, Red, Blue, Brown, Gold, Peak green, Skin, Magenta, Pine Green, Green, Pink, Orange, Silver, Yellow etc. These color series can meet up your needs.

Of course, Nothing is perfect including PLA. It also has some shortages at same time.

1. As the water absorption, the PLA is easy to get wet after absorbing water in air caused a failed print with unsmooth surface. So youd better keep the PLA filament in a dry condition, especially for the unpacked filament.

2. The PLA is a bit brittle and easy to break while printing.

So we improved the PLA and developed PLA+ which toughness is 10 times stronger than standard PLA. No need to worry about the filament breaking. PLA 3D printing filament, the beginners best choice.