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CTIS In Shanghai

2023-06-01 09:15

We are pleased to share with you the good news that our Goofoo team has participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad this year with our newly developed printers, including the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair in April, the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, the rapid+TCT in Chicago in May and the CTIS in Shanghai at the moment. Our mini desktop printer, the cube, was a big hit at the Consumer Electronics Show. People were very enthusiastic about its beautiful appearance (patented in Europe, the US and Japan) and the ease of use (you only need to download the mobile app to operate it), and the 360° all-inclusive print head is very well insulated to prevent children from being burned. It is ideal for beginners and children.


The cube is available for retail or customisation, so you can customise it with your preferred colour and your branding. The following pictures were taken by us at the exhibition and are shared with you