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Children 3D Printers At CCEE Exhibition

2023-04-23 14:08

From April 12th to 14th, 2023, the Cifnews Cross border E-commerce Exhibition was held in Guangzhou, China. More than 400 manufacturers, 50 service providers, and approximately 20 major global cross-border e-commerce platforms gathered together.

Since 2017, Cifnews has improved its cross-border expertise through the most influential cross-border e-commerce exhibition CCEE in China, with over 45000 participants in its first year.


Goofoo, as a manufacturer of 3D printers for more than 10 years, also attend CCEE exhibition to help global e-commerce enterprises and offline retailers, with the children 3d printer CUBE.

CUBE, a 3D printer specifically designed for children, is not only suitable for children, but also also for beginners who want to know something about 3d printing. Coming with an attractive package like a gift, it features quick installation and easy assembly, with only 4 parts included in the package box which can be assembled in seconds, no any screws needed any more.

CUBE is very friendly to beginners and people without a background in 3D printing technology can use it without difficulty. Besides, it can also be controlled on our mobile phone after connecting WIFI. There are thousands of models on the app, and still updated every week.

There is also a USB port on the product and a USB cable to connect to the computer. So we can also control the printer on computer. Through the computer, we can also design and print our own design.