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Successful 3D printing of human brain tissue enables normal growth and functional operation

2024-02-19 16:08

According to reports, a research team at the University of Wisconsin Madison has recently successfully used 3D printing technology to print functional human brain tissue, which can not only function as traditional brain tissue but also grow normally. The researchers placed neurons cultivated from pluripotent stem cells in the "bio ink" gel and induced cells to grow and communicate with each other. By using 3D printed brain tissue, researchers can arrange it according to their own needs, making it easier to approach and customize the study of communication between brain cells, which has been a goal that scientists have been striving to achieve for decades.

Since the emergence of 3D printing technology, research on organ printing has been continuously heating up, making it a hot direction in the field of 3D printing. Without a doubt, 3D bioprinting is a groundbreaking technology. 3D bioprinting has created living human tissues and organs, and its future potential is enormous.