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Analysis of the operation methods for 3D printing color mixing

2024-01-25 11:18

Compared to monochrome printing, 3D color mixing printing is much better in terms of aesthetics. For ordinary users, the difficulty of 3D color mixing printing is relatively high. For ordinary 3D printers, color mixing printing is basically impossible. For some users with excellent hands-on skills, 3D printing is sufficient to complete the printing of the object, and the multi color style of the object can be achieved through polishing and coloring in the later stage. If there is a 3D printer that can complete the coloring problem during the printing process, it can solve most of the coloring problems of small white matter.

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3D printer companies have proposed relevant solutions to this problem. However, the most common solution currently is to use the function of power off and continue printing, which means that during the printing process, power off or pause directly, and continue to complete the 3D printing task after replacing consumables. However, this method does not have much effect on the overall solution, as printed items often have significant color differences, and most people are not satisfied with this approach. And enterprises can meet the demand for multi-color printing by modifying hardware.

Extruder color mixing
The common extruder color mixing methods include nozzles such as "two in one out" and "three in one out". Of course, there are also different extruders, such as double nozzle extruders. However, the principles are not the same. "Two in one out" and "three in one out" extruders can usually be adjusted to multiple colors. The principle is to control the amount of consumables entering through the extruder. However, currently, the only common ones on the market are "two in one out" and "double nozzle". Although they can print multiple colors, the colors are not many. Secondly, the leveling and printing problems of the double nozzle have not been completely solved. The "three in and one out" nozzle is currently less commonly seen on the market, and the most well-known brand in China is Jietai Technology.

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Mixed color consumables
In order to make the printed parts more beautiful, consumables companies have produced these types of consumables, which come with various colors. During the printing process, there is no need to change materials, and only a single nozzle 3D printer can print items of different colors.


This type is currently one of the more advanced 3D printing technologies, in which the inkjet printer simultaneously colors the model during the 3D printing process. The advantage of this type of printing is that users can receive the already colored model after printing, without the need for further coloring and other post-processing issues. However, this type of technology has not yet reached its ultimate level, and there may be some color differences in the areas where colors are applied. If we want to delve deeper into the model, we need to address issues such as color correction in the later stages.