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Chemical composition and purity requirements for 3D printed metal powder materials

2024-01-11 16:26

The main chemical components of D printing metal powder raw materials include metal elements and impurities. The main metal elements commonly used include Fe, Ti, Ni, Al, Cu, Co, Cr, as well as precious metals such as Ag and Au. Impurities include Si, Mn, C, S, P, O, etc. in reduced iron, as well as other impurities mixed in from raw materials and powder production, water and other gases adsorbed on the surface of the powder.


During the molding process, impurities may react with the matrix, alter its properties, and have a negative impact on product quality. The presence of impurities can also cause uneven melting of the powder, which can easily lead to internal defects in the product. When the oxygen content of the powder is high, the metal powder is not only prone to oxidation, forming an oxide film, but also leads to spheroidization, affecting the density and quality of the product.


Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the impurities and doping of the raw material powder to ensure the quality of the product. Therefore, the metal powder used for 3D printing needs to use high-purity metal powder raw materials.