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3d printer manufacturers introduce you to 3D printer firmware knowledge

2023-03-21 10:01

3d printer manufacturers tell you: a 3D printer is mainly composed of 3 parts, including hardware, software, and firmware; and the firmware here is the bridge between software and hardware, running on the motherboard of the 3D printer, and managing all real-time activities of the machine.
3D printers work normally by recognizing G code files, and these code files are processed by firmware, so that the machine can recognize corresponding signals and realize the control printing of stepper motors, heaters, sensors, displays, etc.

3d printer manufacturers
3d printer manufacturers found that for novice users, the after-sales service of imported 3D printers is a very difficult problem! At present, domestic 3D printer manufacturers have done mixed things in terms of after-sales service. The editor suggests that novice users must pay attention to consulting the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer when purchasing a 3D printer, such as installation and operation guidance, warranty period, online after-sales support, etc.

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