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3d printer manufacturers introduce the initial use of 3D printers

2023-03-27 13:09

3d printer manufacturers will introduce to you: For friends who are just getting started with 3D printers, they may have many doubts about the use of the machine and think it is very complicated to use, but in fact, it is very simple to operate as long as you follow the steps.

Step 1: Building a Model

If you want to play 3D printing easily, the most important and indispensable stage is modeling! Now there are many software that can draw 3D graphics, the key is to see if it can be converted into .stl format files, such as AutoCAD, 3Dsmax , solidworks and other common 3D drawing software can all output or convert to STL format.

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Step 2: Add the model

3d printer manufacturers tell you: slicing software is a 3D software that converts a digital 3D model into a print code that can be identified by a 3D printer, and then allows the 3D printer to start printing commands. 3D printers generally have their own slicing software. In the main menu interface, there will generally be an option of “add model”. After clicking on it, the model we created or downloaded will automatically appear in our 3D printing space.

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