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3d printer supplier introduces you how to choose and buy 3D printer

2023-03-07 15:36

3d printer supplier will introduce to you: As we all know, there are many 3D printer brands in the market, but the quality of the products is uneven. How to identify low-quality, safe and qualified 3D printers has become a major problem for consumers. Therefore, the editor suggests that when consumers purchase 3D printers, they should use machine application scenarios, supporting consumables, printing accuracy, molding size and other aspects as criteria to choose a suitable 3D printer.

3d printer supplier
Application Scenario
Different application scenarios have different performance requirements. The editor suggests that before purchasing a 3D printer, you must first determine the usage scenarios and printing objects of the 3D printer, such as home creative DIY, commercial 3D printing services, 3D printing professional teaching, industrial mold printing... These questions can help you confirm your needs and make a reasonable decision. Planning a budget scenario.
Support Consumables
Consumables for 3D printers include PLA, ABS, photosensitive resin (liquid), wax-based materials, nylon powder, gypsum powder, metal powder, etc. At present, FDM desktop 3D printers mostly use PLA and ABS; light-curing 3D printers use more photosensitive resin or wax-based materials; laser sintering 3D printers use more nylon powder and metal powder consumables. In short, different technical principles and 3D printers use different consumables. The editor suggests that users can choose according to actual printing needs.
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