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5 tips when using a 3D printer

2023-06-21 14:02

Using a 3D printer is not that simple. Although some machines are ready to use out of the box and do not need to be assembled or plugged in, it is inevitable to encounter some problems during use. Here are some tips to inform everyone.

1、 Choose a brand with strong support
There are cheap 3D printers available online, but if you want to choose one, you must consider the manufacturer and available support.

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2、 Level the printing bed and set the nozzle
Leveling the bed and setting nozzles will improve the quality of 3D printing.  To make this easier, you can use a piece of paper to determine the distance between the nozzle and the Tokonoma.  When the nozzle is clean and the distance from the bed is not appropriate, the resistance when pulling out the paper is minimal.  It can also effortlessly return below the nozzle.

3、 Check nozzle temperature
Be careful of the nozzle temperature, as if it is too hot, it may leave fine threads between different components. When building tall components, high temperatures can melt early layers that may cause deformities.
To avoid this error, please place a one centimeter cube on the other side of the building board. This will remove the hot nozzle from the printout and allow sufficient time for cooling.

4、 Find the optimal temperature point for 3D printers
Adjusting the bed to the appropriate temperature is crucial for producing the best results as it helps with printing adhesion. When the machine prints the model, each layer shrinks as it cools, and the edges of the printed piece pull away from the construction board.
In addition, when the bed temperature is too high, the model may experience printing problems. When you observe this, you should slightly lower the bed temperature for the next printing.

5、 Properly store your consumables
Most consumables absorb water, including ABS, nylon, and flexible materials. Keeping them dry is very important, so it is important to store them properly.
When consumables become damp, they will expand during the extrusion process because water will turn into steam and bubbles will emerge from the plastic. Consumables pop or crackle through nozzles, and if you carefully observe, you will see smoke. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that it produces a rough surface.
Therefore, store the plastic box with desiccant between two uses. Similarly, you can dry the spool by placing it in an oven at a very low temperature for a few hours.