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What is water washed resin?

2024-02-02 14:39

Water washed resin is a photosensitive resin that can be directly washed with water. Photosensitive resin refers to a material used for rapid prototyping through photopolymerization, also known as photopolymerization resin, mainly composed of oligomers, photoinitiators, and diluents.
Friends who have been working in the 3D printing industry for a long time should know that after using photosensitive resin to print and shape, it is necessary to use solvents to clean the surface of the model, then solidify the model for polishing and other steps, and the post-processing time is relatively long. During the process of cleaning resin models, there may also be some hidden dangers, such as high cost of using organic solvents as cleaning agents, unsafe odors, and inconvenient wastewater treatment after cleaning. Water washed resin emerged in this context, directly eliminating most of the drawbacks of traditional photosensitive resins.


What are the characteristics of water washed photosensitive resin?

1. High printing efficiency
Water washed UV cured resin can be directly washed, eliminating the alcohol cleaning step, greatly reducing post-processing time, and improving printing efficiency.
2. High cost-effectiveness
Water washed resin does not require the use of additional solvents for cleaning, saving the cost of purchasing cleaning solvents.
3. Environmental protection and safety
Water washed photosensitive resin has a very low viscosity, good fluidity, low odor, minimal safety hazards, and will not cause pollution.
4. High precision
Water washed UV cured resin has high molding accuracy, smooth printed surface, and clear and visible printing details.
5. Good performance
The mechanical properties of water washed resin, such as strength, toughness, and rigidity, are balanced and not easily brittle.
6. Easy to print
Low viscosity and high success rate of release make it easier to remove the support of water washed UV cured resin. Easier processing and more aesthetically pleasing models.
7. Widely applicable
Water washed photosensitive resin can be used for printing anime figurines, construction industry parts, etc.