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goofoo Cylindrical 2 in 1 Salt Lamp Aroma Diffuser


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Product benefits & Specs:
2-IN-1 solution: salt lamp and ultrasonic oil diffuser
Produces negative ions which can lift mood and relieve stress
The salt color gives the Aroma Diffuser a warm feeling.
Aroma diffuser for emotion release or for a special health care like
Two mist output setting: low and high
Timer setting for 2H, 4H and 6H
With intermittent operation
Adjustable salt lamp brightness
Auto-off with red indictor when water runs out.
Salt rocks to release the ion for health care
300ml, 10-40ml/h
Dimension: 120(L)x120(W)x182(H) mm
7722pcs/20FCL, 15840pcs/40FCL, 17280pcs/40HQ
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