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Gold Award 2018 in the 1st FDM 3D printer competition in China

The 1st FDM 3D Printer competition was held in Hangzhou International Exhibition Center, Zhejiang province, China from July 26 to 28, 2018.

There were more than 20 professional manufacturers of 3D Printer have joined this event, like Tiertime, SHINING3D, Zortrax, Raise3d, WEEDO and so on, and goofoo printer has won 3pcs Gold Award in “Comprehensive performance award” + “Extreme dimension challenge” + “Extreme accuracy challenge”, which has been highly praised by the public.

Higher Cost Performance, Originality, Classic, Extraordinary:Mini+

The unique design of extruder make it possible to fulfill the wide range of the filament in the market, like PLA, PLA Compound, ABS, HIPS, PETG, PA (Nylon), PC, PP, TPU (95A), TPU (87A), TPE (83A), Carbon Fiber and other engineering materials. And the users can replace the heat block unit between 260℃ and 400℃ to print with the filament of high temperature.

The heat break throat and the teflon inside is designed by ourselves and fine machined with precision automatic lathe, enabling the finest dimension accuracy limited to 0.01mm for the throat and 0.05mm for the teflon, which is helpful to ensure two parts fit together tightly without gap and get smoother filament feeding. 

The above is all the content of the 1st FDM 3D Printer Competition 2018 in China. Please keep an eye on us for more detailed information on products and solutions.