The Application of 3D Printer in School

With the rapid development of Internet, 3d printing technology has become a new symbol of the Times. 3D printing technology is a very forward-looking technology; the future application prospects are very broad. In recent years, more and more people are familiar with this new technology and put it into their life.

Some primary and secondary schools have been bringing in 3D printer for teaching application. It’s very helpful for both teachers and students. For teachers, they can explain difficult points more easily and enliven the classroom atmosphere. Meanwhile, this action widely expands students’ innovation mind and helps them focusing more their attention on classroom.

 Which subjects teaching will be benefit from 3D printing?

We can take an example for math, maybe the most frustrating one. Teachers can print out a model of geometry to explain formula, it would be easy to understand by students and impressed longer.

In biology class, printing out cells, viruses, organs, and other important biological samples is much more intuitive than a floor plan.  

In the field of geography, 3D printer can be used to make three-dimensional topographic map that helps students sorting out their ideas between different geographical features. Some students lack the space to think about the longitude and latitude concept, a theodolite will be very helpful, which could be print out totally by them.


We believe that the application of 3D printing will be more plentiful and multifarious in near future. The 3D printers will be extensively used like our phones, truly creating our imagination into reality one day.