Should you buy a 3d printer?

Should you buy a 3d printer? Maybe, but it’s not your only option.


Before we have talked a little bit about the printing service companies. These companies will print your file and send you the copy within several weeks.


This service make a wide range of 3d printing technologies and materials available to individuals without any investment in hardware.

Most 3d print are priced by the volume of print materials.


Submit your file, choose material, and see the price.


Some 3d printing companies also allow you to sale additional copies through their online market platforms.

Your another option is to buy a 3d printer of your own.


The most inexpensive are called desktop 3d printers, these low cost printers range from “Do Yourself Kits” you can purchase for just a couple hundred dollars and assemble yourself, to full-assembled machines that cost a couple thousand dollars.


These machines fit for your desk, the classroom, work place, or even your living room.

Above this, there is a wide range of commercial market, the commercial market contains most diversities in technology and material ranging from small machines that compete in the desktop market for few thousand dollars, up to machines that cost hundreds thousands dollars.


You can find the best one for your project.