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Goofoo Mini Plus and Rays and the like on Frankfurt Formnext Exhibit

November 13th-16th, 2018, the four-day Formnext exhibition-Frankfurt international precise forming and 3D printing manufacture exhibition is held in Frankfurt convention and exhibition center, Germany. Goofoo came to the show with many hot-selling products(Mini Plus、Nova、Plus、Tiny、Rays) and 3D printing solutions, receiving great attention and praise from visitors on the exhibition. 

November 13th-16th, 2018, Frankfurt international precision molding and 3d printing manufacture exhibition formnext, as Europe's leading mould manufacturing and processing, rapid prototyping manufacturing, material technology professional exhibitions, Germany Frankfurt exhibition center, exhibition area of 30000 square meters, has attracted more than 35000 people around the world to visit procurement.

Extreme Precision,Superb Technology:Rays

Goofoo Rays is a  UV-LCD 3D printer,having been on the market for short, but now becomes more and more popular in the application of dental fields. Rays' high printing speed, high accuracy and low price makes it perfect choice for denture factories, laboratories and clinics.

--We develope the advanced mainboard, unlike the normal Raspberry Pi mainboard in the market, the new one features with singlechip control system to ensure the long life-time, durability and no need to change the internal flash memory time to time.

--Z axis with dual industial level linear guide and ball screw to ensure stable movement and avoide water ripples during printing.

--The matrix LED UV-Light provides uniform light and energy distribution, enabling perfect details and high accuracy.

Goofoo will continue to launch new products, welcome to discuss. If you have any questions and needs, please contact us any time, thank you!