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Goofoo 3D printer helps little makers realize their dreams

On December 12, 2017, Xiamen Goofoo Technology Company participated in the Maker's Day held by Xiamen Sanshe Primary School, which is very popular among students.


The introduction of 3D printer into the classroom can train students' innovative ability and practical ability, turn students' creativity and imagination into reality, greatly develop students' practical and brain-based ability, and thus reform the training mechanism and patterns of school. There is no doubt that 3D printing is an important part of future innovation, and it will certainly become a classroom necessity, just like the slides we had in class many years ago, to multimedia.

In the class of 3D printing, we demonstrated the process of 3D printing to students, and gave a vivid explanation on the usage of printer materials, from the initial design modeling, to loading, operation and printing to the subsequent printing molding. Students were able to personally observe the process of an idea from the initial generation to the molding and then to the actual application. This greatly stimulates the imagination and creativity of the students, fully mobilize the spatial thinking ability and hands-on ability of the students.

Just think, in math class, printing out a geometric model can help students understand the relationship between elements within geometry more intuitively. Isn't it more intuitive and interesting to analyze?


In art class, it has become a reality to turn graphic design works into 3D versions of artworks and some basic models. In chemistry class, the teacher can print out the molecular model and show it clearly. Is it better for students to understand the process of chemical reaction? In biology classes, printing out cells, viruses, organs and other important biological samples is much more intuitive than a floor plan.

Every child is born a creator with unlimited potential, and the freedom to discover and create is what they need in life. The promotion of 3D printing technology in the field of education is of great significance for cultivating students' creativity and imagination and improving their innovative literacy. In the future, more and more schools will introduce 3D printers to help students learn and innovate.