• How will 3D printing change our online shopping life?

    How will 3D printing change our online shopping life?

    According to this development trend, in the future, our online shopping process may be converted from buying things to buying 3D models, and then buyers can quickly receive model data through the network, and by installing 3D printers and materials, we can personally print out the goods. In the later stage, there may not even be a need to buy the data model, as long as you are at home, you can easily print out the items you need, and the online shopping industry is likely to be replaced.
  • 3D Printing Model---King Hong

    3D Printing Model---King Hong

    It would be fun if you could build a model by yourself. Let’s try with goofoo.
  • Filaments Make Perfections

    Filaments Make Perfections

    Owing to meet different requirements and adapt to the properties of FDM&UV 3D printers, researchers create kinds of filaments. It is precisely because of the abundant 3D consumables that 3D printing technology can be applied in multiple fields successively.