3D Printing Model---King Hong

King Kong is an epic adventure monster film shown in 2005 which made domestic and worldwide grosses. People who have seen this movie are attracted by this huge and strong monster. Its peripherals such as toys, models are also widely loved by everyone especially boys.

It would be fun if you could build a model by yourself. Let's try with goofoo.


Model Name: King Kong


Model Source: Toymaker 


Slicing Software: Cura


Design Machine: GooFoo Mini+.


Filament: PLA


Effect: Assembled


Nozzle: 0.4mm


Nozzle Temperature: 190℃


Platform: Flexible Magnet Mat


Platform Temperature: 50℃


We printed out the parts and then assembled them one by one. 502 glue is used in some joints. Finally we achieved the effect of the picture. It should be careful that there are too many small parts, so you must be patient and careful. You will be very surprised when you complete it. Give it a try when you have time, and welcome to share with us.


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