Goofoo Lens-m 10.3inch 8K UV LCD 3D Printer High Precision Printing size 228x128x250mm


Product description

Build volume : 228*128*250mm ,--10.3" 8K Monochrome screen ,--NFEP film, 90%+ print success rate ,--Intelligent control system

Molding Technology:LCD
Applicable Industries:Home Use, Printing Shops, Advertising Company, Dental, jewelry
Usage:3D Printing
Weight:27 KG
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Forming size:228x128x250mm
Print Technology:UV-LCD/ MSLA
Print speed:10-50mm/h
Layer Thickness:25/50 microns
Support material:Phtotopolymer Resin
Light source:405nm UV LCD Array
Build Platform:Aluminum
Print Chamber:Full Closed
LCD Dimension:10.3" 8K Monochrome
Operating Screen:3.5" Full Color Touch Screen

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Product Details

5-inch high-definition touchscreen, 20° tilt design,better interactive experience

Parallel array light source+opticalpath correction lens,more uniform UV light
10.3 inch 8K black and white screen, resolution: 7680* 4320, pixel accuracy: 0.035mm,achieving ultra-high detail accuracy and longer service life

Quiet motor drivefor silent printing

Dual industrial linear guide rail+ball screwensuring the stability and reliability of Z-axis

Stop when opening the cover to ensurethe safety of users

With the new generation of NFEP release membranethe success rate of release is doubled
The resin tank is added with a positioning foot to ensure that when the resin tank is taken off andplaced on the table, the release film is in a suspended rotating state to better protect the release filmfrom scratches.

User-friendly Build Plate
The unique design enables quickdismount and easy leveling, achievingthe successful printing from the start.

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