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Goofoo NEW UV Surgical Guide Resin for LCD 3D Printing 3D Printer

Product description

Dental resin material, suitable for printing implant guide plate. The model has smooth surface and clear, high detail and precision.

colour: transparency

Net Weight: 1KG

Product Features

Clear and transparent color
High forming accuracy
Good strength and toughness
High temperature sterilization and wet disinfection

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Product Details


Surgical guide resin has good strength and toughness, with impact resistant; High temperature sterilization, wet disinfection.


Clear and transparent surface
High molding precision

Good strength and toughness
High temperature sterilization, wet disinfection


Cutting gum guide 

Grind bone plate 

Implantation guide plate

Orthodontic brackets are bonded with guide plates 

Functional retainer 

Bite plate

Occlusal pad and X-ray guide plate

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2021-09-15 00:00

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I have a new Cube. After connecting to WiFi, the app says "Heating..." but any button that I click on brings a message that says "Printing." I can't do anything with the machine. Serial number HJNLM0004C75250A53C3

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2021-09-15 00:00

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Hello, Thanks for your inquiry regarding our 3D printers. Goofoo is a leading 3D printer manufacturer, specializing in delivering high-quality and reliable machines for various industries. We will come back to you asap with details.

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2021-09-15 00:00

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