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New breakthroughs in human 3D printing technology involving ultrasonic deep penetration printing

2023-12-12 14:20

Recently, scientists have developed an ultrasonic 3D printing technology called Deep Penetration Acoustic Volume Printing (DAVP). This technology significantly reduces surgical invasiveness by injecting liquid implants into the body and solidifying them at the desired location.

DAVP technology uses biocompatible "ink" as raw material, which will heat and solidify when subjected to ultrasonic pulses. Inject this ink directly into the location where the implant is needed, and use an external probe to emit ultrasound to achieve solidification. The remaining ink can be removed by the syringe.

DAVP technology has advantages such as non invasiveness, customizability, and versatility. It can be used to directly print personalized implants in the body, reducing surgical trauma; Design and print suitable implants based on the patient's specific situation; And can print different types of implants, such as bones, cartilage, blood vessels, etc.

Researchers have successfully used DAVP technology to carry out a number of experiments, such as blocking the incision of goat heart, repairing chicken leg bone defects, and printing chemotherapy drug dispensing water gel in liver tissue.

Duke University Associate Professor Junjie Yao said, "This technology has the potential to bring many new applications in the fields of surgery and treatment, which traditionally require very invasive and destructive methods. We are pleased to explore the potential of this technology with you." The related research results have been published recently in the journal Science.