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The Origin and Significance of the Chinese Traditional Culture "Fu"

2023-01-12 17:26

The Chinese New Year is approaching, Goofoo 3D printers are particularly busy at this time,

we are currently busy printing the Chinese new year decorations for our customers, the word "fu" is the most orders compare with another blessing words & Spring Festival couplets,

To popularize the origin and implication of the Chinese characters fu:

The word "Fu" originated from the oracle bone inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty. The oracle bone inscriptions are the earliest existing characters in China, with a history of nearly 3700 years. From the structure of the word "Fu" in the oracle bone inscription, there is a word "You" on the top of the left half of it, indicating the wine container. The lower left part is two "hands" (again), which means holding the wine bottle with both hands.

Since China has its own characters, there have been hieroglyphics of "Fu". The word "Fu" in the oracle bone inscriptions means "holding wine and food in front of the god with both hands". This is the image portrayal of ancient sacrifice, which means offering sacrifices to the heaven and praying to worship God, which will bring endless peace and joy. This is the true blessing.

On the left of the oracle bone inscription "Fu", there is a raised table for placing offerings and incense burners. The upper part of the right is a container like object, and the lower part of the right is a pair of hands that show a lifting posture. Taken together, the left and right parts are people holding wine and food in their hands to worship the gods and Buddha to show respect and gratitude.

Extended data

matters needing attention:

The word "Fu" should be upright pasted on the front door, because the door is a place to receive the blessing. It has the smell of not letting the word "Fu" enter the door, and let the blessing, luck and happiness enter the door.

The words of blessing in the hall can be pasted directly or upside down, because the blessing has arrived at home. The words of blessing in the hall are generally located in the east and west, indicating that the blessing is like the East China Sea, or in the north and south, indicating that the blessing is full of the hall.

Printed by Mido:

1) CNC full metal body and strong fram structure

2) Industrial linear guide

3) Auto Levelling

4) TCM 2209 Silent Mainboard

5) Filament run out sensor, Power failure recovery function

6) AI Camera Recognition System

7) 260℃ and 400℃ hotend kits are available, with engineering filament like PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC, PP, PA, TPU, TPE, PA-Carbon Fiber, PA-Glass Fiber, PEEK, PEI etc.


Printing parameters

Suitable printer:

Printer with hotbed and enclosed chamber

Pinting temperature: 220-260C

Chamber temperature: 70-80C

Buil plate temperature: 90-100Print speed: 4060mm/sTraveling speed: 80mm/sInfill density: 10-50%Wall thickness:>2

Fan speed:0-10%