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3D Printers in the Jewelry Industry

2023-08-11 17:40

The application of 3D printers in the jewelry industry has been widely promoted and applied. The production of the jewelry industry requires high-precision parts, complex construction, personalized design and other characteristics, and 3D printing technology can meet these needs. The following is the application of professional grade 3d printer in jewelry:

Jewelry design: 3d printing technology can help jewelry designers transform their creativity into physical products, shorten the product development cycle, and also carry out morphological innovation and customized production.

Jewelry prototyping: 3d printing technology can be used to make prototypes of jewelry products, which can help designers make rapid prototypes and corrections, thus shortening the product development cycle and reducing costs.

Jewelry mold production: 3D printing technology can be used to produce jewelry molds, can greatly reduce the time and cost of mold production, and can achieve personalized customized production.

Jewelry production: 3D printing technology can realize the rapid production of jewelry products, which can meet the requirements of the jewelry industry to quickly respond to market demand.

Jewelry repair: 3D printing technology can be used for jewelry repair, can quickly produce jewelry accessories, to avoid the problem of accessories lead to the scrap of the entire jewelry work


Goofoo 3d printer lens series has a wide range of applications in the jewelry industry, especially in the jewelry production of prototyping, customized production, rapid production, etc., has been widely recognized by the market and the user's praise. Specifically, lens series 3d printer has the following advantages:

1. High precision: 10.3-inch 8K black and white screen, resolution: 7680*4320 pixel, pixel precision: 0.035mm, which can achieve high-precision printing and molding, so as to ensure the quality and precision of the jewelry products and longer service life.

2.High efficiency: Goofoo 3D printers can quickly prototype and produce jewelry products, which greatly shortens the production cycle and improves production efficiency.

3. A new generation of intelligent control motherboard Realize more peripheral support, finer control settings, more intelligent print management