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LCD 3D Printer and Photosensitive Resins

2023-07-24 17:56

Print Technology 


A LCD 3D printer is a machine that holds a vat of photosensitive liquid resin and exposes it to UV LED light beams layer-by-layer to harden the resin into a 3D model.



LCD 3D printers have higher printing accuracy than traditional 3D printers. They can print parts with small size and high precision and parts with complex geometric lines.





LCD 3D printers can only print specific materials - photosensitive resins


Through light irradiationphotosensitive resin can be cured into a certain shape of a material. Goofoo photosensitive resin is suitable for ultraviolet rays at 405 wavelength.


Compared with FDM printer filament, photosensitive resin has higher precision, less surface lines, and more smooth surface, photosensitive resin is malleable since it goes from liquid to solid.Due to the thin layer thickness of the light-cured resin, the surface of the printed item is very smooth.



There are many types, including ordinary rigid resin, washing rigid resin, water cleaning mold resin, engineering resin and jewelry casting resin. In this case, the use of photosensitive resin is versatile.