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China's Goofoo 3D Printer Factory Showcased at Brazil Eletrolar Show 2023 Leads Intelligent Trend

2023-07-18 17:50

With the rapid advancement of technology, 3D printing is developing rapidly, bringing infinite possibilities to all walks of life. As a leading 3D printer factory in China, Goofoo is proud to participate in the 2023 Brazil Eletrolar Show, showcasing series of innovative products that lead the trend of intelligence for the visitors.

Our first product on display was the Cube, a 3D printer that is highly regarded for its compactness and intelligence. It is suitable for all kinds of people who are new to 3D printing or for children, bringing a new creative experience to consumers. With the Cube, you can print unique toys, educational items, home accessories, office supplies, personalized artwork and more, adding fun to your life.


As the best helper for designers and engineers, Mido 3D printers, with excellent functions and flexible applications, will infuse your creativity and innovation with unlimited possibilities. Whether it's for prototyping or tooling, Mido prints tools and models with the precision and durability you need. Printing is not just limited to regular custom tools, you can also create unique fixtures, mould and test sets to support your production line with precision and efficiency. Whether it's for quick fixes or batch manufacturing, Mido can help you increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.Mido 3D printers also pay attention to user experience and ease of operation. The intuitive software interface allows you to easily control the printing process and adjust the print parameters as needed. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Mido model provides you with unlimited room for creativity.


We are also showcasing the Lens model, a professional light-curing model optimized for the professional needs of the jewellery and dental moulding industries. With its high precision and efficiency, the Lens model has great potential for use in jewellery making and dentistry. It can accurately print out complex and detailed jewellery designs, as well as create dental mould that match individual tooth shapes, providing customized solutions that are more convenient than ever for jewelers and dentists.


Our exhibits were well received by the audience. Not only did it attract professionals from Brazil and around the world, but also students, technology enthusiasts and mass consumers interested in this innovative technology. Our 3D printers will be more than just a production tool, but a platform that can inspire creativity and imagination.


If you are interested in our products or technology, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.