Integrate The 3D Printing Into Daily Life!

What can a 3D printing pen do?

2023-07-11 18:44

3D printing pens, also known as drawing pens, use ABS plastic to 'write' on any surface, converting children's graffiti from flat patterns to three-dimensional patterns. The principle of a 3D printing pen is very simple. It is based on 3D printing, extruding hot melt plastic, then rapidly cooling in air, and finally solidifying into a stable state.

It can be used to flower any strange and bizarre thing in the mind, and ultimately display it in front of your eyes. Exercise children's thinking ability, spatial perception ability, hands-on ability, etc

The original intention of developing 3D printing pens was to provide children with a new way of learning. The traditional way of educating children is to use watercolor pens and crayons to draw and write on paper, while 3D printing pens, as the name suggests, can point-to-point form a real three-dimensional object of what children think of (mostly toys), improving children's observation and imagination abilities, and also serving as a way to exercise hand brain coordination.