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3D Printer For PEEK Printing

2023-07-05 18:40

There are good reasons why Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is one of the most popular thermoplastics in the manufacturing industry. PEEK can produce stronger and lighter parts than stainless steel and aluminum, with extremely high heat resistance, chemical resistance, and wear resistance.

PEEK is renowned for providing better medical implants and aerospace components than metals due to its high strength to weight ratio. The reason for choosing PEEK is because it is sturdy enough in certain situations to replace metal parts and is known to resist space environments.


Due to its electrical insulation performance, it is also an ideal choice for electrical engineering components and is widely used in applications that require long-term voltage resistance and wear resistance, such as the oil and natural gas industries.


At the same time, the demand for 3D printers that can use this material is growing, which has prompted manufacturers to produce more affordable, larger, and easier to use PEEK printers for enterprises that wish to produce and prototype internally.


The reel of PEEK filaments may look like any other 3D printed plastic, but when it is placed in a consumer machine, you not only need to use an overheated nozzle (300+℃) to extrude PEEK, but also need to use a heating bed and chamber to maintain its heat.


Goofoo Max, with 600*580*700mm build volume, is designed for PEEK printing with the following key features:

1) Industry Linear guide

2) Intelligent temperature control system

3) SD card / USB cable /Wi-fi connectivity

4) Auto-levelling / Filament run out sensor / Power failure recovery function

5) AI Camera Recognition System

6) 400℃ hotend kit for engineering filament like PEEK etc..


Of course, not all PEEK printers are the same. You need to balance your budget with the functions required by the printer and the functions that you may not be able to use. If you only occasionally need PEEK parts, or are not sure if you need PEEK at all, please try to consider an inquiry to Goofoo and you will get excellent support.