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Explain the principles and differences of three 3D printing technologies in detail

2023-06-25 17:56

Nowadays, UV cured 3D printers are still very popular, as their application fields are also very close to our daily lives, such as handmade items, jewelry, dental molds, etc., all of which allow us to see their presence in our daily lives. So what are the common types of UV curable 3D printers we have? In fact, there are three types: SLA, DLP, and LCD UV curable 3D printers. Today, we will talk about their principles and their comparison with each other.


1、 SLA light curing 3D printer
The basic principle of SLA forming is to use ultraviolet laser as the light source, and then use a galvanometer system to control the laser spot scanning. The laser beam will first draw a shape of an object on the surface of the liquid resin, and then the printing platform will descend a certain distance. Then, the platform will be immersed in the liquid resin, and this process will be repeated to form a solid printing.


2、 DLP UV Cured 3D Printer
The basic principle of DLP molding is that first, the model is horizontally cut into layers by 3D printing software, and then the projection machine inside projects the shape of the first layer of model onto the resin. Then, it undergoes photocuring molding. After the first layer of molding, the object is slightly raised, and the shape of the next layer of model is projected onto the resin. Repeat this process, printing the model in a layered manner.


3、 LCD curing 3D printer
The principle of LCD is actually similar to that of DLP, except that the light source of DLP is replaced by LCD. It is the imaging principle of LCD liquid crystal panels, which uses optical projection to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays (which have a certain damage effect on the LCD film) through the red, green, and blue three primary color filters. Then, the three primary colors are projected through the three LCD panels to synthesize projection imaging.

4、 Comparison of Three Technologies
Forming speed: DLP>LCD>SLA
Printing accuracy: DLP>SLA>LCD>FDM
Print size range: SLA>DLP>LCD
Material range: (DLP ≈ LCD) > SLA
Service life of main components: DLP ≈ SLA > LCD
Machine price: SLA>DLP>LCD
Consumable price: SLA ≈ DLP ≈ LCD
In this comparison, it is clear at a glance whether the situation is clear. In the future, when buying a photo cured 3D printer, I believe everyone also has a plan in mind.