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Which is better for 3D printing materials PLA or ABS?

2023-06-19 17:43

Currently, 46% of all 3D printing materials are PLA (polylactic acid fiber), 20% are ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), and the remaining are other types of materials. For beginners, PLA is an excellent 3D printing material. Goofoo will introduce why the usage rate of 3D printing PLA material is higher than ABS.

So, why choose PLA?

PLA is cheap, except for ABS, which is relatively cheaper compared to other materials.  PLA is a biodegradable and reusable material that is easy to print, and almost every FDM printer can use PLA for printing

PLA comes in multiple colors and also has a variety of composite materials to choose from, for example, it can be sprayed with a wood or metal appearance. Unlike ABS consumables, PLA can degrade under ambient air humidity and be stored in vacuum bags or containers. PLA is a typical composite material that combines polylactic acid based materials with wood chips or other powder materials to generate other derivative materials.


Engineering grade performance PLA has more material convenience, low melting point, multiple colors to choose from, lower brittleness, superior tensile strength, improved elastic modulus, better impact resistance, less nozzle blockage. Based on its characteristics, we can apply it in many fields, such as mold opening, mold casting, mold investment casting, etc.


With the development of 3D printing materials, the unique flexibility of 3D printing allows manufacturers to customize the shape, texture, and strength of products.  The most important thing is that the steps required to achieve these qualities are much fewer than those typically required by traditional production methods.  In addition, these products can be made with various types of 3D printing materials.