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What are the characteristics of 3D printed PLA materials?

2023-06-16 16:38

PLA plastic is the abbreviation of polylactic acid polymer material. It is generally a green and environmentally friendly material extracted from Corn starch and is biodegradable. Generally used as a linear material, PLA will melt when heated to a certain temperature, and when the temperature decreases, it will solidify again. The 3D printing molding of PLA also utilizes its melting and cooling characteristics. So what are the characteristics of 3D printed PLA materials?

PLA printing is the process of melting linear materials and extruding and stacking them into shape. The diameter of this extruded hole is only 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters. Usually, if we want to print a 1-kilogram model with PLA, we need the machine to work continuously for three days and three nights to complete it. If there are any errors in the process, we have to start from scratch.

The stacking and forming method of PLA molding is prone to significant defects in the starry parts of the model. In addition, PLA printing generally accumulates a height of 0.2 millimeters or higher per layer, which directly reflects the effect of the model. The step patterns printed by PLA will be thicker and less smooth.

Due to the relatively low prices of equipment and consumables, PLA printing is generally relatively inexpensive. Moreover, this molding process can easily adjust the filling density of the model, which can greatly reduce the consumption of consumables when printing larger models. Therefore, many customers choose to use PLA to reduce costs when printing larger models but do not have high requirements for surface effects.

The improved PLA material not only has the strength, toughness, mechanical and physical properties of ABS material, but also has a low shrinkage rate and does not produce the odor of heated plastic during the printing process.  It can also be used as a support material for ABS, as it is easier to remove from the printing platform.  To remove the supporting material of PLA, the model can be placed in an ultrasonic support material removal pool containing water and corrosive soda.  The processing time and concentration depend on how much material needs to be dissolved.  Then place the model in water at 80 degrees Celsius for 48 hours.