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Simple spray painting and fine spray painting methods after 3D printing

2023-06-14 16:27

Due to the single color of resin in 3D printing, painting is necessary to color the resin parts. However, because there are layers on the surface of printed parts, direct spray painting will make the layers more prominent. Therefore, in order to achieve better results, fine polishing is necessary. Therefore, there is a saying of simple spray painting and fine spray painting.

Due to the varying complexity of the structure, the price difference between fine spray painting and simple spray painting can sometimes be two to three times. Many customers do not understand that both are spray painting, but the price difference is so significant. Today, we will talk about the difference between simple spray painting and fine spray painting.

Simple spray painting refers to the rough surface, which can be easily polished before painting, and obvious layer patterns can be seen. Fine spray painting is a process where the surface is smooth and delicate, and after fine polishing, the paint is sprayed without any layers, resulting in a good spray painting effect.

In order to compare the effects of the two processes, we printed two identical objects and performed simple and fine spray painting respectively, making it easier for friends to have a more intuitive comparison.

The newly printed resin parts are white with less obvious layer patterns, and a layer of black primer needs to be sprayed to make the layer patterns clear and clear at a glance.

Afterwards, polishing was carried out, and simple spray painting mainly focused on polishing the support points. Obviously, the layer patterns were not removed much.
However, fine spray painting will polish all the layers clean until the black primer is completely polished.

On the left is fine polishing, and on the right is simple polishing. We can see that after polishing on the right, there will still be multiple layers of wrinkles left

Finally, after painting and coloring, the fine painting on the left is smooth and flat, and the simple painting on the right can obviously see the texture, which is the obvious difference between simple painting and fine painting.

So, if the requirements for surface painting and polishing are not high, customers who only need simple coloring can choose economical and simple painting.

If a more beautiful and refined exterior light is required, only by choosing fine spray painting can the requirements be met. Friends can choose different processes according to their processing needs.