Integrate The 3D Printing Into Daily Life!


2023-05-08 18:16

From May 2nd to 4th, the annual American 3D Printing and Additive Exhibition (RAPID+TCT 2023) ended successfully at McCormick Place in Chicago. This exhibition is the largest and most influential 3D printing industry event in North America, with an exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters, attracting more than 400 3D printing industry chain companies from all over the world to participate.


Goofoo demonstrated efficient, stable and easy-to-use digital 3D printing solutions at this 3D printing exhibition, including the high-speed Velo and the smart-focused Cube. During the exhibition, Goofoo's products attracted the attention of professional audiences from all over the world, and showed outstanding performance through the characteristics of high precision, rapid prototyping and large-scale prototyping.

With the increasing demand for small batches of flexible customized products, 3D printing has gradually become a better choice. Compared with mold processing, it can save at least 50% of the cost, while greatly shortening the production cycle and responding quickly to demand. Among them, Plus is a printing device with a large printing volume of 360*360*400mm, and quiet and stable operation, which can meet the rapid manufacturing verification of design models of various sizes.


The brand-new Velo flagship machine that focuses on high-speed printing, RK3328 with Rockchip’s 4-core Cortex-A53 architecture and Armbian system, the printing speed is up to 250mm/s, double gear reduction extruder, - large flow hot end, 20~30mm³/s, 360 cold material system, a new generation of TMC2240 high-performance silent drive, with the characteristics of filament drying and dehumidification, printing cabin space heating and so on.

Cube is smart and compact, has a unique modular design, and it only takes three steps to complete the assembly of the machine; it is easy to operate, one-button start, and controlled through the mobile phone App Wifi connection; cloud server, a large number of rich material 3D printing model library; exquisite packaging ,Easy to carry. Let children and beginners can enjoy the fun of smart printing.

The light-curing Lens series adopts a new generation of intelligent control board, dual industrial linear guide rails and ball screws, parallel array light source + optical path correction lens, and the UV light is more uniform. Using a new generation of NFEP release film, the release success rate has increased by 1 times.

In addition, Tiny+, Mido, Gemini-IDEX, TS3 Engraver & Cutter, Mole 3D scanner and other hot-selling products were also displayed.


Chen Jun, founder of Goofoo, said: "This exhibition is also the largest overseas brand event of Goofoo after the outbreak of the epidemic in China. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more interesting 3D printing products and services for global users, and let 3D printing enter thousands of homes.