Integrate The 3D Printing Into Daily Life!

The educational significance of 3D printing

2021-09-26 09:45

In the 80s of the 20th century, 3D printing came out and shocked the world. Its characteristics of additive manufacturing have overcome the disadvantages of high processing difficulty, material waste and high labor demand in the traditional manufacturing industry. However, due to the limited printing materials and other restrictions, the application of 3D printing  is not so extensive for the time being. But there are still people who see the prospect of 3D printing and are working tirelessly to study and overcome the problems that 3D printing is now facing. In addition to industries such as medicine, aviation, and light industry, the education sector has also increased its emphasis on 3D printing. More and more 3D printing majors and schools have emerged, hoping to cultivate excellent talents, overcome the bottlenecks encountered in 3D printing, and contribute to the development of the times. Although there are still many people who do not understand what 3D printing is, or are curious about 3D printing, whether they are proficient in it or just want to know how it will developed, we have to admit that 3D printing is affecting our lives and is unwittingly changing the existing way of life of many people.

Goofoo, as a 3D printer production company,  firmly believe in “Print your dream into reality” and are full of hope for the future of 3D printing. We also went to school and teach what is 3D printing and the basic knowledge to children for free. As a result, it planted the seeds of 3D printing in the hearts of many children.

3D printing can bring the field of education not only the experience of fresh technology, but also the change of education model.

It intrigues students in novel ways and increases their autonomy. It is a combination of books and practice , and is the embodiment of developing students' creativity, practical ability and exercising knowledge application ability. At present, the application of 3D printing industry in the field of education mainly has the following ways:

1.Interest class training

Interest class training is a more popular kind of learning ways, gathering many children who like 3D printing. Many primary and secondary schools and colleges encourage students to participate in or even organize such fun and enrichment courses, activities, etc. Hoping it can better enrich students' lives and enhance the relationship between students. For primary and secondary schools, learning 3d printing can enrich students' lives and increase the interaction between parents, teachers and children. 3D printing is suitable for this way from technology to operation and timeliness, and it is also conducive to attracting students' interest.

2. School teaching applications

With the popularization of quality education, the cultivation of knowledge and skills has received more attention from primary and secondary schools. 3D printing in this aspect from the application of the effect is significant, it realizes the combination of textbooks and applications, convenient for children's understanding, and at the same time through the form of design and printing to improve children's hands-on ability, collaboration ability, problem-solving ability, research spirit, etc., but also conducive to stimulating children's learning fun.

3. Research and development

Now, more and more universities are also starting to set up maker labs. Our 3D printers are making their way into more and more college classrooms. This is based on the cultivation of future technical talents, colleges and universities are also paying more and more attention to the combination of technology and knowledge, farewell to traditional education methods, giving students more open education and learning, so that textbook knowledge can be more effectively applied to practice.

Goofoo has been committed to the research, development and production of 3D printers, hoping that more and more people can see the charm of 3D printing. We believe that this technology will cause earth-shaking changes in the future. We have also developed a 3D printer for children specifically for 3D education, hoping that children can experience the charm of 3D printing technology in a way of playing and researching, arouse interest, and be familiar with basic operations. We would be honored to make a contribution to cultivating a 3D printing technology talent!