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3d printer manufacturers introduce the technical steps used

2023-04-03 15:26

3d printer manufacturers tell you how to use 3D printers, a must-see for getting started!
Select layered slices.
Reasonable setting of 3D printing slicing software will effectively improve the success rate of 3D printer printing models. In the main menu, there will generally be an option of “Layered Slicing”. This function is mainly to help us refine the printing process of the printer. Customers can preview and observe the entire printing process in advance in the software. After clicking it, you can see a certain change in the model.
Drag the layered preview scroll bar.
Drag the layer preview scroll bar, and the software can present the image of each layer according to the parameter value. We know the principle of FDM printing technology, in fact, it is to use layer by layer material accumulation to complete the molding of the entire model. With the preview, you can intuitively observe how the model is transformed layer by layer.

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Plus support.
The importance of a certain part of some models must add some supports. For example, elk horns. At this time, we can add a support to the appropriate part of the model. When printing, the 3D printer will also print this part of the support. Later, we can use some methods to remove the support. Some supports are made of water-soluble materials, which are easy to remove later.
Slicing software generally supports manual support and automatic support. Automatically add support, the system will automatically judge to add support to a certain part according to the model you need to print.
Connect the printer.
Choose "Connect to Printer" to connect your computer to the 3D printer.
Start printing.
Before printing, you must check the model information again to ensure that the various parameters of the model are reasonable. Click to open the main menu and select model information. The second is to ensure that the model does not exceed the printing range of the model itself. Finally, we need to set the temperature of the print head and printing platform.
Model post-processing.
3d printer manufacturers remind you that after the model is printed, if it is not a one-piece model, we also need to polish and assemble the parts to form a finished product.

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