Integrate The 3D Printing Into Daily Life!

3d printer application 3d printer prospect

2024-03-28 15:57

The application prospect of 3D printer is very broad.  At present, 3D printer has brought great changes to the manufacturing industry, education industry, etc. The outstanding advantage of 3D printing technology is that it can directly generate parts of any shape from computer graphics data without mechanical processing or any mold, which greatly shortens the product development cycle, improves productivity and reduces production costs. The uses of 3D printer are very diverse, such as:

1.Industrial manufacturing: product conceptual design, prototype production, product review, functional verification; making prototype molds or directly printing molds, directly printing products.

2. Cultural creativity and digital entertainment: artistic expression carriers with complex shapes and structures and special materials. Some characters and props are molded using 3D printing, and the 3D printed violin is close to the level of handicrafts;

Aerospace, defense and military industry: direct manufacturing of components and mechanisms with complex shapes, micro-sized dimensions, and special properties;

4. Biomedical: artificial bones, teeth, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, etc.;

5. Consumer goods: design and manufacturing of jewelry, clothing, shoes, toys, and creative DIY works.

With good design concepts and design processes, 3D printing technology can also simplify the manufacturing process and produce individual items quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. The advantage of 3D printers is that they are cost-effective, can produce shapes that traditional technology cannot, and print things that are lightweight. So what is the future of 3D printers?

1. Field extension

The advantages of 3D printing were fully applied in the biomedical field in 2011, and the concept of direct printing of biological tissues using 3D printing is increasingly being promoted.

With the diversified development of 3D printing materials and the innovation of printing technology, 3D printing not only embodies extraordinary development potential in the traditional manufacturing industry, but also extends its charm to many fields closely related to people's lives, such as food manufacturing, clothing luxury goods, film and television media, and education.

2. Speed improvement

In terms of speed breakthrough, in 2011, the speed of personal use of 3D printers has exceeded the limit of 300mm per second for wire feeding, reaching 350mm per second. In terms of volume breakthrough, the volume of 3D printers is suitable for different industry needs, and also presents a variety of options for "lightweight" and "large size".

3. Platform innovation

Based on the trend of popularization of 3D printing in civilian use, the design platform of 3D printing is developing from professional design software to simple design applications.  Among them, the more mature platform is 3D Tin based on WEB.  In addition, Microsoft, Google and other software industry giants have also launched 3D printing applications based on various open platforms, greatly reducing the threshold of 3D design. Some applications even allow ordinary users to design 3D models by playing with Lego bricks.

4. Vivid colors

The creations of 3D printers are not only colorful but also quite exquisite. The highest resolution of most creations is 100 microns. However, we can print with a resolution of 25 microns, creating a very smooth surface. One interesting promotion of printing objects with realistic colors and no burrs is for home use.  When you want to print light bulbs or anything with plastic supports, they can be printed out. Home users can also use the printer to print toys and temporary needs.  The 25 micron resolution allows you to print dentures with sufficiently strong materials.