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A new 3D printing technology has emerged to achieve multiple color dynamic printing

2024-03-13 15:11

A research team from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the United States has recently developed a new type of 3D printing technology that can achieve colorful effects using only one type of printing ink, and can also achieve gradient effects that mainstream 3D printing technologies do not have. The current mainstream 3D printing technology usually relies on the blending of synthetic dyes if different colors need to be applied, but these dyes are sources of pollution in production and printing processes. At the same time, a printing nozzle can only output one color, which means that if users need to print colorful objects, they need to replace the nozzle.


The research team imitated the colors and surface nanostructures on butterfly wings, forming similar nanostructures on the material surface and customizing the printing process by controlling parameters such as feed rate, print head movement, and UV intensity, resulting in different areas of the object presenting different color effects from dark blue to bright orange. This technology can also create gradient effects that traditional 3D printing cannot achieve.


The research was mainly conducted by Professor Ying Diao and graduate student Sanghyun Jeon from the branch, and was published in the latest paper "Chameleon colors: A sustainable technology to 3D print multiple dynamic colors from a single ink". The application scope of this technology may include fields such as biomedical, environmental science, and fashion.