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3d printer supplier tells you how to choose a 3D printer

2023-03-14 11:00

3d printer supplier tells you how to choose a 3D printer.
Printing accuracy
Due to the principle of 3D printing, the 3D printer will have a so-called "step effect" when printing, and the worse the accuracy, the more obvious the step effect will be. FDM will have more obvious layered stripes, and the ladder effect of other devices is not obvious. However, all 3D printed products can be surface treated by grinding and spraying in the later stage, and generally can meet the requirements.

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Forming size
When considering the molding size, you need to carefully examine the technical parameters of the machine such as: machine size and molding size. Although you need to pay a higher price for a larger 3D printer, be careful: don't give up better quality and performance just because of the price.
Slicing software
3d printer suppliers believe that the quality of slicing software affects the quality of printing. Many 3D printer manufacturers have developed their own 3D printer slicing software on the basis of open source slicing software. Consumers should check whether the slicing software is easy to operate when purchasing a 3D printer. Whether the process can see the model slicing process on the computer in real time, so that it is convenient to set slicing parameters.

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