As we all know, culture and technology complement each other. Advanced cultural ideas are the source inspiration of technology innovation, which is a powerful lever to promote the transformation and upgrading of cultural industry and achieve high-quality development.

And the application of 3D Printing technology in the field of culture creativity has widely expanded the culture creativity scope, realized the diversity of culture creativity, improved creative expressions, and solved many problems in traditional culture creativity.

Three-dimensional digitization and 3D printing technology have brought new vitality and energy to the cultural industry.

Whether it is digital documentation and restoration of cultural relics, or virtual display and derivative development; Whether it is the digital design and scaling of sculpture, or the improvement and upgrading of the casting process, three-dimensional digitalization and 3D printing technology can be found everywhere.

01. The significance of application to Cultural and Creative Industries

First, the 3D Printing technology can create a true, accurate and complete 3D digital archive of unique cultural relics and artworks, which can be reproduced anywhere, anytime and in high fidelity by 3D printing technology.

Second, the 3D printing technology can replace the traditional manual molding process, which has greatly improved the fineness and manufacturing efficiency of the works.
For works with physical samples, it can be more direct and accurate in editing, enlarging, narrowing, original copy and other aspects, so as to efficiently realize small-batch production and promote culture transmission and exchange.

Third, the 3D Printing technology has brought lots of cross-border integration and creation opportunities, especially for artists in the field of art has brought a broader creative space, and plays greatly important role in the cultural relics and high-end art copy, restoration, derivative development.

02. 3D printing and personalized customization

Nowadays in the pursuit of individuation, people want their own things to be different and unique from others.
However, due to the traditional manufacturing methods, most of the products can only be manufactured in large quantities with reasonable price, and it is impossible to produce the unique product, unless it is a high-end private customized product.

On the one hand, 3D printing provides people the ability to manufacture, encourages the innovation and realizes the personalized demands of design thinking and expression, and changes the ways that invention was the privilege of a few people in the past. Therefore, it can be predicted that 3D Printing will truly realize the national creativity and creation and promote the creative design to be more diversifying, popular, and freer.

On the other hand, with the popularization of the Internet nowadays, people can easily download the latest design works of designers through various network database, and then carry out 3D printing production, both in time and money cost are much lower compared to the traditional manufacturing industry.

03. Cases of Culture Creative products of 3D Printing

Art gives people infinite imagination space, artistic conception comes from life. A work of art with soul is a designer's understanding and precipitation of life.

A'Design Award in 3D Printing

Artistic creation is the ability to restore artistic conception. In the age when 3D Printing technology has not been widely used, the artistic structure of extreme curve surface cannot be produced by traditional craft. Traditional handmade craft relies on the ability of artisans to restore the design soul of a work, which takes a long time to produce and has low repairability.

A'Design Award in 3D Printing

With the emergence and wide application of 3D printing, a large number of excellent designers have been able to accurately restore a piece of design works of a great artistic beauty to the audience.

3D Printed Costume _ Academy Award for Best Costume Design